Which AV

Want some antivirus recommendations?

Get in touch with the admin of TestMyAV, Carl Gottlieb (CTO of Cognition Secure) and he’ll immediately give you his recommendations. Unfortunately, we don’t publicly promote any particular anti-malware products on this website. We try to keep it as unbiased and as independent as possible and help you judge solutions yourself.

However, Carl Gottlieb (the website admin) is a specialist in this field and will happily make recommendations offline. You can find out more about Carl here and you get in touch with him any time on email or twitter. Carl and his team at Cognition can help you test, select, design and implement the best anti-malware solutions for your organisation.

Whilst we don’t publicly recommend our favourite anti-malware solutions on here, here’s some general pointers.

General Recommendations

  1. Use antivirus on ALL PC’s, Macs, Android devices, Windows servers and Linux servers that host Windows/Mac files.
  2. Implement antivirus within your email flow, e.g. scanned by your email provider or with an email filter product.
  3. Free antivirus products are not as good as commercial ones.

Antivirus Features Recommendations

  1. Very high rate of malware blocking
  2. Complete offline protection
  3. Zero day protection
  4. Strong malware forensics, logging and reporting
  5. Simple Policy
  6. Exploit / Memory Protection (aka HIPS)
  7. Script control
  8. Powershell control
  9. Macro control
  10. Simple endpoint and management server/cloud deployment

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