A Positive Step

A Positive Step

The aim of this website TestMyAV.com is to help people and their organisations better protect themselves from malware. We feel that if people test their anti-malware products they will understand the gaps they have and how they can select a better way forward. The only way to test anti-malware products is with fresh and relevant malware, and that’s why we supply it. Here’s a few common comments/questions on this subject.


  1. Won’t people use this malware to infect other people? Whilst this kind of behaviour is strictly against our terms of use and is illegal, we know that people can be idiots. That’s why we only approve access to the malware to people who’s identity we have verified. We also know that malware is commonly available in many other locations, not least your own email spam folder. Generally, malware isn’t hard to get hold of, it’s just rare to find a place like TestMyAV where you can get it fresh and in an easily downloadable package. Therefore we don’t feel we’re adding to the problem of spreading malware.
  2. End users can’t be trusted to handle malware or test products. We find this view patronising and quite offensive. We trust people to manage every other aspect of security within an organisation yet somehow they would be incapable of intelligently handling some files or knowing when one product stops malware and another doesn’t? Our view is that we should empower those that want the knowledge and the tools to do this themselves. Testing AV is easy if you know what you’re doing, and we’re here to help.
  3. Only independent testers are unbiased and should be trusted. Firstly, we acknowledge that everyone is biased in everything we all do. Your experiences, skills and motivations all shape your behaviour and whether you like it or not, we each do things a slightly different way because of it. The crucial factor is how you let your bias shape your advice, your actions and your behaviour. So for TestMyAV, we’re very keen to make sure everything we do is backed by sound logic, honest intentions and a goal of helping you make up your own mind. We don’t recommend anti-malware products on this website, but if you want our personal opinions, we’ll happily talk products offline in a private arena. Our general advice is to listen to what people have to say, analyse it critically, don’t trust anyone implicitly, test for yourself and trust yourself and then make up your own mind.
Carl Gottlieb

[email protected]

Carl Gottlieb is the privacy lead and Data Protection Officer for a select group of leading tech companies. Carl’s consultancy company Cognition provides a range of privacy and security services including virtual DPO and virtual CISO.

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