Data Collection

Data Collection collects various pieces of information about its visitors. This is predominantly via Google Analytics and from the social media platforms people can log in with to access malware. In the section below you can see exactly what information we collect when you register with TestMyAV and what permissions you grant us.

Why Google Analaytics?

We track visitors stats with Google so that we can see what’s going on, if there’s problems with the site and where we need to invest time to make things better.

Why Require Registrations to Access Malware?

Providing malware is a fairly contentious subject and we do it to help people better protect themselves. We want to make sure malware is used responsibly and so we’ve decide that a small hurdle is required to provide a minimum levels of checks of who’s getting access. Yes, it’s a million miles from perfect and can be easily thwarted with a fake account but at least we’re creating some level of friction and it gives us the ability to block people if there’s a problem.

Why Make People Register Using Social Media?

A few reasons:

  1. We don’t want to be storing people’s passwords, in any shape or form.
  2. Creating yet another user account/password is a pain for people.
  3. We, the admins, get some level of visibility who’s registering and can control the access accordingly.

Registration Permissions and Data



Data We Collect

  • Email Address
  • Profile URL, e.g.
  • Profile photo
  • Name, e.g. Carl Gottlieb
  • Description (Your LinkedIn Title) e.g. “Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Cognition”
Carl Gottlieb

[email protected]

Carl Gottlieb is the privacy lead and Data Protection Officer for a select group of leading tech companies. Carl’s consultancy company Cognition provides a range of privacy and security services including virtual DPO and virtual CISO.

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