Commercial Access

Information Security Vendors, Affiliates and Professional Testers

TestMyAV is primarily for end users to do their own testing. End Users receive free access. For those in the Security profession, such as vendors, resellers and professional testers we may grant you access, but we may now require paid access on a monthly/yearly subscription basis. In the early stages of our beta phase we provide unlimited free access to everyone. Some users will now need to pay for further access.


Additionally, here’s some things to be aware of:

  1. If you register for access to the malware on this site, we will have a damn good think before approving you. We may ask you why you want access and what you intend to do with the malware. If we’re unsure then it’s likely we’ll just say no.
  2. Harvesting malware on an automated basis, excessive downloading of malware and collecting malware to feed backend vendor training algorithms, automated analysis or automated compilation is strictly prohibited.
  3. We try to keep the malware on here as fresh as possible to help end user testing. In turn we don’t want it just sucked up into a vendor’s feed somewhere.
  4. There are always exceptions, and if you still want free access then feel free to send an email to [email protected] telling us why you want free access and we’ll have a friendly chat about it.


N.B. The overwhelming popularity within certain security vendors of downloading malware samples from TestMyAV has added significantly to the cost of providing the service. In turn we are now charging these users for the service. End users can still access malware for free.

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