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Helping you test antivirus for yourself

The Goal

TestMyAV is a website with a single purpose – to get people testing anti-malware solutions for themselves. Rather than trusting vendors, testing companies and sales people, we believe that testing isn’t hard and that everyone should have the ability to evaluate what solutions are best for their organisation.

The Resources

TestMyAV has the two things you need to test antivirus:

  1. Loads of fresh malware to download
  2. Detailed testing guides and tools

Contact Us

Twitter: @testmyav

Email: [email protected]

Get straight in touch with the admin of TestMyAV, Carl Gottlieb.

Consulting Director
Carl Gottlieb

About TestMyAV

Everything else we get asked

Who runs the TestMyAV website?

TestMyAV is run by Carl Gottlieb, Consulting Director of the British Cyber Security company Cognition Secure, and Carl has a major bee in his bonnet about antivirus. Almost every organisation recognises that their anti-malware products aren’t very good yet few feel equipped with the knowledge and capability to find out for themselves which products really work. Carl has presented this topic at BSides London in June 2016 and encourages people to test products themselves and not to implicitly trust anyone’s biased advice (even his). Carl feels so passionately about this that he created this website to help everyone that wants to test their products for themselves.

Is TestMyAV free?

For end-users we will always have a free service. We don’t have advertising from anti-malware vendors that could degrade the independence of the site. Of course the website has its costs, both in technology and man time, and that’s covered by the owners, Cognition Secure, a UK based Data Security company, as well as a few commercial organisations that subscribe for premium malware access.

How do I contribute to the site?

We want to make this website as useful, complete and accurate as possible. So if you have your own malware to share, or have testing guides, tools or techniques to recommend then please contact us here. It’d be massively welcome.

What data are you collecting on me?

We automatically try to collect metrics on everyone that visits the TestMyAV website using Google Analytics. If you register for access to malware then we also collect information from your social media profile. Find out exactly what here.

Is this website a bad idea?

You may feel that the premise of giving people malware and letting them test anti-malware products themselves is a bad one and may be irresponsible. We disagree and wrote our view here.

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